Stability, not to mention sustainable growth, doesn’t just happen — especially in the midst of disruption. They are the result of proactive pursuit.

This begins with the decision to stop waiting for the market to come to you, and instead engage in the process we define as Smart Targeting.

Hoping for quality prospects to emerge from a competitive marketplace and beat a path to your door — or your website — may be acceptable where there is a favorable combination of budget, known brand, and time. For most this arithmetic is not attractive. We believe solid growth is the result of a different equation. And we advise clients on the factors and formula attendant to a more successful pursuit of growth. (For more on strategic business development, use the link to request a copy of Foundation.)

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The Business Development Notebook

A resource built for today’s marketplace, the Business Development Notebook is a complete client development program designed specifically for professional service providers. Three integrated components deliver Strategic Framework, a Consulting & Collaborative Platform, and a toolbox packed with templates, processes and procedures to help individuals and firm chart the proactive pursuit of new business — even in the current reality. Click here for details.