Communicating Is More Than Getting The Word Out

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The paradox of communicating is that, while we focus on the creation and delivery of a message, nothing happens until someone listens. And, as if to mock eloquence and creative energy, we know that not all listening results in action. So while holding the art of crafting and presenting a message in high esteem, we understand that connecting and motivating begins with a focus on the science of Intentional Listening. From individual marcom project to our Marketing Leadership offerings, strategy is rooted in listening — to our clients, and to the voice of the marektplace.

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For many ventures, the need for senior marketing leadership presents a dilemma: the competition for top talent if fierce. Meanwhile, for many companies who seek strategic leadership, the timing isn’t right to add a full time CMO.

Our approach makes it possible to access deep operational and strategic leadership experience.

From firms just dipping a toe into the marketing discipline, to those seeking a strategic framework and go-to-market capabilityt, we design one-size-fits-one solutions — revolving around 25%-30% of a seasoned CMO full-time-equivalent.

This fractional framework adds C-level marketing perspective to a leadership team, and is perfect for companies looking for an interim or incremental solution.