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Growth Strategies for Professional Service Providers





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Too many lawyers, accountants, consultants and other professional service providers invest in one business development tool or tactic after another, all the while sensing the return isn’t commensurate with the investment.

Building and growing a practice shouldn’t be a black-hole-mystery that leaves you wondering whether your strategy, message and execution will finally produce measurable results.

For 30+ years we’ve helped thousands of professionals build a thriving practice in an ever-changing market.

Gain clarity & direction with proven solutions in 3 critical areas.

Strategic Planning

Build on a framework that breathe life into your Mission and Vision and define daily execution. We’ll help you create a plan that provides answers to today’s challenges.

Biz Dev and Sales

If the right strategy brings a mission to life, business development provides the fuel for growth and stability. We’ll help you remove the question marks, and generate organic growth.


Our framework for strategic communication and marketing provides direction, connects with targets (internally and externally), resonates and serves to advance goals and objectives.

Not ready for a call? No sweat. Check out our free PDF — Strategies for the New Now.

Most of us haven’t seen anythign like today’s market. Covid has changed everything. How do we do business development?

We’ve prepared a FREE resource that outlines a strategic framework, including steps to take now that will jumpstart your fall, and set the stage for 2021. Use the form below to request your free copy. (And check the video below for a snippet on who to target, and why.)

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Three steps to a BizDev solution.

The one book you should read in the midst of the “New Now”

Decisions That Matter is a book for the moment. One Amazon reviewer says “as engaging as a novel, as insightful as Good To Great.” It’s less consultant speak and theory, and more practical lessons ripped from the real marketplace. Grab your copy here.

A few words from friends who have worked with us.

“Eric brings strong leadership, meaningful advice, and effective deliverables to the table. An innovative and critical thinker, what really sets him apart is his ability to listen and communicate.”

Patrick Fuller

Vice President, Legal Intelligence, American Lawyer Media

“Eric provides thoughtful advice and counsel…is honest, inspires trust, and listens well. He is a team player that will provide candid advice. He is a seasoned executive and a talented professional. I was fortunate to work with Eric.”

Patrick Mitchell

Partner, Hunton Andrews Kurth

”Eric is a remarkable problem solver, with an amazing ability to ‘hear’ his clients, zero in on needs, develop and implement plans that enable them to reach goals. He educates and inspires, and has an unwavering commitment to excellence.”

Lynn Bjosted, CMP

Founder, CEO, Premier Events Management

“Eric consistently delivers beyond  expectation, and knows more about what a firm needs to do to establish ongoing profitable growth than anyone I know.  He is an extraordinary communicator, leader and advisor.”

Rick Davis


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Whether you’re eyeing an in-person firm-wide retreat in coming months, or are looking for a virtual workshop, we’ll work to design an event that will realize your objectives, provide practical insight and direction and motivate your entire team. From the power of an aligned vision to leading in today’s market…from building a pipeline of allies to business development that produces actual ROI…we promise practical sessions that inspire action.

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